Stryke Therm-X Expandable Broadheads, 100-Grain, 3-Pack, Red/Black


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Comprised of both fized-blade and expandable-blade formats, Stryke broadheads embody quick-hitting and swiftness in the air, for maximum performance at the terminal point of contact. When you’re looking for a broadhead that flies like a field point and delivers a massive cutting diameter look no further than the Stryke Therm-X Broadhead. With a 2-inch cut, you won’t have trouble finding these blood trails. The aircraft-grade aluminum ferrule and .032 inch stainless steel blades make the Stryke Therm-X Cut-On-Contact mechanical broadhead very durable and ready for any hunt.

Product Features

  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum Ferrule
  • Two Blade Expandable Design
  • Cutting Diameter: 2 inches
  • Blade Thickness: .032 inch
  • Weight: 100 Grain


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