Northland Impulse Reactionary Perch Eye Baits 8pk


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“The IMPULSE® PERCH EYE is really thinking out of the box, and not simply because it, too, is pocket-friendly whenever you need a dry eye. It’s molded to lifelike specifications, with extra-soft tissue that feels like the real thing, yet provides firm hooking for the bait. But the real eye-opener is its highly-reflective Attractor Pupil, which perfectly mimics the eye of a forage minnow or fish. Perch, walleye, and other gamefish zero in on the eyeball and nail the hook every time! And because it’s infused with Super-Charged Impulse® Attractant, fish taste and smell it up close as well as see it from afar. Each PVC-based eye is approximately 1/2” in diameter, and available in 3 eye-appealing colors including Red, Chartreuse, and Glo White. You get 8 identical eyes per bag, connected by a soft plastic string that allows you to fish multiple eyes simultaneously, or one eye at a time. Winkin’ or blinkin’. It’s your choice.


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