Muddy Magnetic Curtain Kit


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The all-new Magnetic Curtain Kit from Muddy is perfect for keeping hunters concealed when hunting in box blinds.  No longer worry about being silhouetted by wary game.  The magnetic curtain kit is easy to install.  Simply Lok-tite* (not provided) the small metal pieces to the windows in the appropriate locations to match up with the magnets that are found in the curtains and you’ll be ready to go.  Setup is a breeze as the lok-tite dries quickly and you’ll no longer have to worry about adhesive Velcro strips falling off windows in extreme heat.  Each curtain is made of heavy-duty black fabric and has an integrated peak view window on each curtain.  Lok-Tite not included.

  • Magnetic Curtain Kit For Ultimate Silence
  • Open and Close At Ease
  • Easy Install
  • Heavy-Duty Black Fabric
  • Keeps Hunters From Being Silhouetted
  • Peak-View Holes In Each Curtain
  • Lok-Tite Not Included


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