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Clint Miller, founder of River Rats, is a third generation trapper.  He started his first trapping experience around the age of 10. He would get up before school, and head out with his dad to learn what it took to be a successful trapper. He still traps with some of his grandfather’s original 1940 traps.  During his free time, Clint enjoys taking his sons out to train the fourth generation of outdoorsmen.

Store History

I remember walking with my father on the trap line as a kid.  I returned to the trap line in my late twenties, with my own children.  There was a trapping store my dad and I visited often for our supplies, at C&B Trapping Supplies in Bath MI. The memory of that store inspired me to have a store of my own one day. Where to begin?


In 2009 I chose to scrape 500.00 around and pack the family van with a few supplies, driving to the fur pickup routes in the area. Then proceed to expand to a couple of 2x12 shelves in our barn.


In 2015 our website was born, no longer relying on word of mouth alone helped give the store the boost it needed to expand into a larger retail store and fur barn.

2016 - 2021

From 2016 into 2021 we became the largest retail store of hunting,fishing and trapping in the lower Michigan area.
Trapping Supply Store Near Lansing


A year later, I had the most honorable opportunity to buy out my childhood trapping supply store, C&B Trapping Supplies! Currently, we are the only trapping dealer within the tri County area to carry on the tradition that is quickly fading.

Coming Soon

I'm inspired by the amount of young families that come here eager to learn and make this hobby a part of their lifestyle. As much as I would love to spend hours with each person that comes in curious about where to begin this adventure of the great outdoors, I find myself lost for time needed. To remedy this, for the people with the drive to learn, I am making plans to hold classes. These classes will be anywhere from the most basic to the advanced trapper so everyone has the opportunity to fit in somewhere. Visit the website often to check for upcoming events and class dates!
Tight chain, happy hunting and fishing from our family to yours!
The Millers

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